Medingen - Termostatos de baño / Termostatos de circulación serie TC

Technical Data

type TC 150 TC 250 / TC 250 K
working temperature range 30...150°C 30...250°C
working temperatue range (with external cooling) -50...150°C -60...250°C
cryo control - TC 250 K only
temperature stability (at 70°C in water) ±0,1 K ±0,01 K
temperature display LED digital, graphic display
resolution 1 K 1 K
temperature setting digital digital, touchpanel
resolution 0,1 K 0,1 K
pump - max. flow rate thrust: 20 l/min; suck: 18 l/min thrust: 20 l/min; suck: 18 l/min
pump - max. pressure thrust: 0,3 bar; suck: 0,2 bar thrust: 0,3 bar; suck: 0,2 bar
safety class 3 3
heating power 1800 W 1800 W
power supply 230 V / 50Hz 230 V / 50Hz
temperature sensor Pt 100 Pt 100, linearised
interface - RS 232 (V.24)
external sensor - port for Pt 100
width (approx.) 260 mm 260 mm
depth (approx.) 130 mm 130 mm
height (approx.) 310 mm 310 mm
net weight (approx.) 5,0 kg 5,0 kg

Technical Design

double pump made of stainless steel, two-stage pump control

body made of steel sheet, powder-coated

design selectively available with tripod, with adjustable bath bridge or with stainless steel bath

Temperature Controller (TC 150)

adjustable set point limitation

alarm feature

Temperature Controller (TC 250 / TC 250 K)

adaptive PID-controller

different thermostat liquids are adjustable

program controller: 2 applets, each with 10 time / temperature segments

Timer (TC 150)

timer adjustable within 99,59 minutes

alarm feature

Internal Device Monitoring

error message in case of empty bath vessel

error message in case of over-temperature

error message in case of sensor malfunction

error message in case of electronic-malfunction


various accessories (e.g. bath vessels made of stainless steel or polycarbonate, test tube racks etc.) for our thermostats you can find here: Accessories for Thermostats

Special Design

customized special designs are possible after inquiry